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Nursing Care at Home
Monu Pharmacy at Home
Covid Care At Home
Critical Care or ICU Setup at Home

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  •  1. Physicians And Consultant Physicians On Call.

  • 2. Diagnostic And Laboratory Investigation Services.

  • 3. Trained Nursing Staff On Call.

  • 4. Active Nursing At Home Under Supervision Of Physician.

  • 5. Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Services.

  • 6. Care Givers Services.

  • 7. Medical Equipment & Furniture Rental Services.

  • 8. Ambulance Services.

  • 9. Drug Dispensing Services And Home Delivery Of Medicines.

  • 10. Companionship Services For Patients Attending Hospitals And Shopping.

  • 11. Yearly Executive And Preventive Health Check-Up.

  • 12. Wide Range Of Medical Services Including Vaccinations Etc.

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